How we work

Before we start any collaboration (being a full development program or a stand-alone service), it is of the utmost importance that we have a thorough understanding about the product itself (including all available data) as well as about the product portfolio and commercial strategy of our client. We therefore start every interaction with one or more face-to-face or telephone meetings in which all such aspects are discussed. Based on the information provided by our client, we investigate internally the different product development strategies in order to make a tailored-made project proposal. Once the proposal is approved by the client and integrated into a formal collaboration agreement, the project is initiated.

Typically, our project plans are structured in multiple phases with relevant go/no-go decision points. At pre-defined stages during the execution of the project, the client has the option to decide whether or not to proceed with the current project, and/or to apply alternative development approaches. In this way, we can work together with our clients in the most flexible, cost-efficient and result-oriented way.

A critical factor to ensure a successful execution and completion of our projects is a direct and transparent communication between all parties involved. Before the start of each project, a detailed protocol plan is prepared and agreed upon, while during the project execution itself, frequent updates are provided to our clients allowing close monitoring and/or rapid adaptation of projects. Upon completion of each project, a detailed report is provided to the client.


Avivia CRO Services

We are open to apply different types of commercial collaboration structures. Full development projects can be performed either on a pure fee-for-service basis or through co-development where we provide the services at cost-price and include a single success-driven milestone payment and a small royalty payment. Stand-alone project services are always performed on a fee-for-service basis.