Complex formulation/CMC development of NCEs

Avivia is known amongst the drug development community for being able to deliver successful solutions for complex and challenging formulation and CMC development projects. Typically, pharmaceutical companies and smaller drug development firms approach us with development programs that have derailed or – in the worst case and despite all previous efforts – have reached a dead end. Besides hands-on formulation and CMC development work, we also provide specialized regulatory, intellectual property and competitive intelligence solutions in order to proactively plan your molecule’s path to success from the start.

Case study

In the field of complex formulations we have recently worked on nano-emulsions, pH-modified release dosage forms, hydrogels, solid dispersions, melt extrusion, 3-D printed tablets, a four component medicinal product, switching an injectable into a sublingual tablet, solving stability problems of IV solutions, improving bioavailability and solubility of particular drugs, failing bioavailability studies, taste masking in oral formulations, etc. .

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