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Welcome to Avivia, your trusted partner in pharmaceutical development. We specialize in delivering end-to-end solutions to accelerate the drug development process, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and successful outcomes.
Avivia is an independent Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization in the Netherlands (EU) that offers a unique complementary range of services in the field of Pharmaceutical Formulation Product Development.

Our Services

Comprehensive drug development programs

From product troubleshooting to full service CMC development programs with small-scale GMP production

Avivia offers fast-track pharmaceutical R&D services in addition to comprehensive pharmaceutical development programs where we take up your project from the start and deliver medicinal products tailored to your needs and interest. As versatile as our client projects, our teams are flexible, multidisciplinary, and experienced.

Our approach is fully integrated and combines distinctive hands-on pharmaceutical and analytical development work (formulation, CMC & small scale GMP). In addition to developing new pharmaceutical products, customers approach us with development programs that have derailed or hit a dead end in their own labs or with another service provider.

We support our customers with early-phase opportunity and strategy evaluation by performing detailed literature searches and reviews, defining freedom to operate and development strategies for regulatory, patents, formulation development and manufacturing.

In the subsequent pharmaceutical R&D phase we provide pre-clinical formulations and prototype development in combination with full analytical support.

Avivia CRO Excipia Pharmaceutical Reverse Engineering

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the part of any drug product that produces the intended effects. Consequently, the API characteristics are crucial for a well performing product. Avivia focuses mainly on small molecules (including peptides) and can improve API properties by altering for example its morphology, stability, solubility and bioavailability.

Pharmaceutical Drug Product

A pharmaceutical drug product consists of (multiple) API(‘s) and excipients and can be developed in a large range of applications. The extensive knowledge of Avivia, release a variety of product possibilities ranging from parenterals to oral solutions, to controlled release tablets, microcapsules, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) or to implant technology.

Excipia / Avivia CRO

Excipient Selection

Excipients are either naturally/naturally derived or synthetic/semi-synthetic. In all cases, they are obtained by chemical processing of a raw material that is usually of animal, vegetable or mineral origin.

With its dedicated platform Excipia, Avivia offers fast and flexible hands-on solutions and troubleshooting services to:

  • discover and compare the concealed composition and properties of excipients,
  • identify, confirm and quantify individual excipients in a drug product,
  • recognize and control unknown Functionality Related Characteristics of excipients in your drug formulation. 
  • guide excipient manufacturers to select and control their feedstock, production processes and optimize product reliability and consistency
  • pick the most appropriate excipient manufacturer, select the most suitable grade, or define customized specifications to control product performance, quality and safety.

Team Work

At Avivia we work in small multidisciplinary pharmaceutical expert teams, allowing the analytical researchers to be directly involved in the process of pharmaceutical formulation development.

For example: The knowledgeable researcher can develop effective dissolution methods, and significantly more important information can be derived from each dissolution test. Educated observations made by the analytical researcher during and at the end of the dissolution test provide valuable data about disintegration, hydration, swelling, erosion, particle size, granulation and coating properties, floating, cone formation, sticking, etc. Discussing these observations during interactions with the pharmaceutical developer, offers additional guidance in the evaluation of dissolution profiles, release mechanisms, excipient performance and setting process parameters.

Avivia CRO Pharmaceutical nanotechnology

Transfer to cGMP and small scale GMP production

In the final phase Avivia takes care of the investigational medicinal product dossier (IMPD), analytical method transfer, CMO selection and scale-up. Avivia has a flexible small-scale pharmaceutical GMP production area with state-of-the-art equipment.

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Why choose us?

Having decades of hands-on pharmaceutical development experience with a wide range of (complex) technologies and the complete scala of finished dosage forms, Avivia’s pharmaceutical experts are able to fully execute and/or support the pharmaceutical development of any finished dosage form, formula or process, as well as the transfer and scale-up of a developed product to an external cGMP manufacturing facility or to our new small-scale pharmaceutical GMP production area.

Once a suitable pharmaceutical formulation has been found our next focus is to support the creation of novel Intellectual Property to protect the product in the market.

With our pragmatic and creative development mentality we deliver what a client needs. We perform best by exploring the rationale behind the request in close collaboration with your team.

In our pharmaceutical lab facilities we can handle almost any small molecule API, including highly potent compounds, hormones, anti-infectives and controlled substances.

We specialize in oral, sublingual, buccal and injectable pharmaceutical dosage forms but also have development projects running intravaginal, intravitreal and topical therapies.



An extensive platform of pharmaceutical technologies is present and includes for example aseptic filling, dry/wet granulation, tableting, spray drying, micro-encapsulation, and (hot melt) extrusion. In addition we have a fully equipped analytical laboratory to support the pharmaceutical development.

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