Our approach

Avivia’s internal product development programs are focused on the reformulation and/or repositioning of established drug products. Although we usually tend to operate in a flexible and pragmatic way, when it comes to the selection of our internal product candidates we do follow a set of stringent selection criteria. First and foremost, our development programs are all based on a strong clinical need and market demand, supported by top-tier (clinical) Key Opinion Leaders. Secondly, we only select product programs which have a high potential to improve the Target Product Profile of the selected product (i.e. safety, efficacy and/or convenience of use). Thirdly, we do seek programs for which we can develop a strong exclusivity position. Finally, we do favor projects with low overall investment requirements and short time-to-market horizons aiming for attractive risk/return product profiles. Although we typically develop our internal programs up to clinical proof-of-concept, if needed we will also go all the way up to the registration of a product dossier at which point we will seek for a commercialization partner.

Product pipeline

Project Area Stage
Fosfestrol Uro-oncology - Prostate Cancer Pre-registration
Metronidazole MR Gastro-enterology - Pouchitis Clinical development
Oxytone Sublingual Gynaecology - Postpartum hemmorrhage Clinical development
Buruli FDC Tropical diseases - Buruli Formulation
Calbi Gastro-enterology - Bile Acid Diarrhea Pre-clinical development
MCC Pharmaceutical Technology - Excipients Partnering


Avivia is open to evaluate any partnering proposition, be it related to one of our internal development programs listed in the table above or be it related to a product program suggested by a third party for co-development.   We favor synergistic partnerships aimed at accelerating the development process and at expanding commercial opportunities with win-win for all parties involved.

If you are interested to learn more about one of our proprietary development programs or if you have a partnering opportunity you would like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate and get in contact with our business development and partnering team!